Logging Services

Most Arkansas woodlots suffer from overgrowth and a lack of proper disturbance. Ecological logging is one of those beautiful activities that is both ecologically and economically beneficial! We will thin and open your woods, increasing ecosystem productivity and aesthetic beauty.

  • Our Process: We combine directional felling with our Logrite Fetching Arch to minimize damage to your forest while removing trees in a low-impact manner.
  • Scale: If you want to log and mill 1/10th of an acre to 15 acres, you’re not going to get a large timber crew to do the job. With our small-scale, ecological process we can improve even the smallest woodlot!
  • Cash flow: Depending on the size of job and tree species present, we will figure out the best way to make this logging a profitable process.

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479-747-0187 or contact@newwoodlandsfarm.com