Regenerative Forestry Course

Dates: April 2nd, 2022, October 22nd and 29th, 2022

Location: New Woodlands Farm, Russellville, AR

Price: $190 for full day, including lunch, or $100 for morning classroom

This course provides a framework for managing small and medium scale woodlands to maximum ecological health and return on value. Over a day, we move from high-level value analysis down to extremely practical tree selection and processing. The morning will be classroom teaching and discussion and the second half of the day will be in the woods, demonstrating and practicing skills and knowledge. Disclaimer: This course does not teach chainsaw safety or tree felling practices, both of which are very dangerous activities that carry a high risk of injury and death. Please get the level of training and instruction you need to keep from doing something terrible to yourself and others.

Expected Course Outline:

  1. Land use
  1. Management Methods
  1. Value from Woodlands
  1. Tree Uses
  1. Tree Selection Process
  1. Tree Processing
  1. Biochar and Mushroom Inoculation Demos

Meet your instructor:

Ted Stiritz is an 8th generation Arkansan who’s been in the woods as soon as he could walk. With a formal education in ecology and experience ranging from professional arborism to farming, Ted is able to teach regenerative forestry management from the conceptual down to the extremely practical and is intimately familiar with the forests of the Ozark and Ouachita regions. He currently owns and manages a 160 acre wooded farm.


To register, please send a contact form so we can be in touch, and pay below for either the full course or the morning classroom time.

Regenerative Agroforestry: Full Course


Regenerative Agroforestry: Morning Class

This is just for the morning classroom instruction, NOT for the full day