Buy Pork

You want fresh, pasture-raised, farmer-processed pork?


We raise, harvest, and package our pigs on farming, maximizing the quality of life for the animals and the farmer. In order to operate in the current legal environment, we have two options for purchasing our pork:

Option 1: Pork Share

You can buy a whole or half hog that we process under custom exempt status.

All we need is a phone number and a $20 down payment to get started.

WHOLE HOG: $6.00 / lb.

1/2 HOG: $6.50 / lb.

Pricing for on-farm pickup.

Share Deposit


Option 2: Join our PMA

By joining our Private Membership Association you can trade privately with our farm and access products not available to the general public. This lets you purchase individual cuts of meat and value added products.

Sign up for our PMA here.

Once you’re a member, email us or call 479-747-0187 to place an order with us.

We also send out emails with any pricing chances or specials.