Buy Pork

You want fresh, pasture-raised, farmer-processed pork?


When you buy a share of pork, you buy a part of our pastured heritage pig herd and we process the animal for you. This lets us operate under custom exempt status.

As soon as your turn comes up, we kill, butcher, and wrap your hog and weigh your share to determine what you pay. We’re usually only a week or two out on orders, since we don’t have to wait on a processing slot or transportation. Fresh meat can be picked up or delivered within three to four days (we’ll call to figure out what works best).

Use what you can in the first two weeks and freeze the rest. And then come buy some more.

All we need is a phone number and a $20 down payment to get started.

Either email us at or text or call 479-747-0187 when you purchase a share with your name and order.

Current Pricing (Subject to Change), per lb package weight

~80lb Share — $5.25/lb  (Typically a whole hog)

~40lb Share — $5.50/lb (Typically half a hog)

~20lb Share — $5.75/lb (Typically a quarter of a hog)

Note: Shares can vary around 30% in either direction (80lb share can be 60-100lb, 40lb can be 30lb-60lb, and 20lb can be 10-30lb), since you are buying a share of our herd, rather than cuts of meat.



80lb Share Deposit


40lb Share Deposit



20lb Share Deposit