Meishan xx Kune Kune Litter, 11/22/21

We were pleasantly surprised when we arrived to take care of piggy chores a couple days ago. Our Meishan sow, Sweetpea, gave birth to her second litter. All black, one waddled, and so healthy. We’re thinking we’re going to call these blends Keishans. Mune Mune is odd.

We just harvested one of her piglets from last year, a Meishan xx Berkshire cross, during our class with the Farmstead Meatsmith. The pork has been delicious – ZERO boar taint.

Sweetpea’s a great mama and her piglets look good!

Is it really almost spring?

We know spring is in the air when we’re scrambling to get our market garden seeds ordered and tender plants started! We moved late last year and it’s taken a bit of time for us to figure out exactly how we want to set up our garden for maximum efficiency and productivity. But plants are going in the ground! It’s thrilling. We can’t wait to show you our progress and have fresh, naturally grown produce available for purchase.