Fall 2021 Hog Harvest Class with Farmstead Meatsmith

If you don’t know about Brandon Sheard, the Farmstead Meatsmith, you should check out his website. When it comes to top-notch harvest, butchering, and curing, he’s sharper than his knives, his pigs approach the artistic beautiful of alabaster sculptures, and he can articulate the philosophy of good harvesting on a profound level. On November 20th, 2021, Brandon will give a day of instruction at New Woodlands Farm near Russellville, AR, teaching farm-scale hog harvest. You will learn to kill, scald, scrape, eviscerate, split, cut, cure and cook the family pig. We will cure meat for preservation and not just flavoring using simple traditional methods and experience a beautiful marriage of thrift and extravagance.

Our day will be structured to maximize your learning experience, with a morning harvest of one of our heritage hogs, sampling the slaughter fry at lunch (please bring something on your own to round out the meal), afternoon of pork butchery, and an evening meal centered around the day’s harvest. By then end of the day, you will go home confident to go from a live hog all the way to a bountiful dinner table.

For any questions, please reach out to us at contact@newwoodlandsfarm.com

Pay for the class below and send us an email summarizing why you’re coming so we can try to tailor our instruction to your needs (homesteaders, chefs, farmers, processors, etc). There will be seven 1/4 hogs available from the class, that you can take home with you at the price of $5.50/lb packaged weight. Deposits can be made below and are available on a first-come basis.

If you prefer to pay by check, send us an email. Those who pay by check will receive a $10 discount.

We will communicate with you via email with additional information as needed. Thanks for coming!

November 20th Hog Harvest


Refunds and cancellation:

The class will be held out of doors, with cover available if weather is bad. We will only cancel if travel becomes dangerous.

80% refund available before October 1st

20% refund available before November 1st

1/4 Hog Share