Buying Kunekunes

Kunekunes are a particularly valuable heritage pig variety and we are proud to offer registered finishers and breeding stock for those interested.

A $200 deposit will reserve a piglet. Price will depend on quality of the animal, age, sex, etc. Multi-pig discounts will be available.

How Piglets are Sold:

  1. When a litter is born, we divide our piglets by health and conformation to breed standard into two groups: breeders and non-breeders. The non-breeders are kept on farm to feed local families. In this way, we are actively improving our herd and making sure that we sell only quality stock. Each year is better than the last!
  2. After watching the piglets grow, we select theĀ individuals that best match our herd needs. The remaining piglets that pass muster will be available for sale and those with a deposit down will be contacted for first choice. Availability is will be based on when you placed your deposit. If you have a deposit down and no available animal meets your criteria, you can remain on our reservation list for an early pick of subsequent litters.
  3. After weaning (around 8 weeks), piglets can be picked up or delivered for a fee (depending on the distance from our farm).

If you are interested, please contact us for availability at: or